FO - Granny square afghan

I wanted to learn how to crochet, and did so by making granny squares. I thought I could make an afghan out of granny squares, so I bought a lot of yarn, and started. It took me longer than I thought, but here it is, finished. For DH.

It’s very pretty!

very nice, the colours are lovley

Thank you susi, and thank you Jan for adding the picture :slight_smile:

Very nice!!! My first love “was” crochet…I too made tons of grannies…but never graduated to seaming em into anything…good thing, cause I ended up “donating” to a great cause!!!

Nice. Very colorful. :thumbsup:

cheley, too bad you haven’t got around to sew them together…

Oh, a mason comment… what an honor :smiley:

I know it’s colorful, what can you do…

What a great afghan!:slight_smile: I love Granny Squares cause they remind me of my Granny–honestly, she made lots of granny square items!

I love these kinds of blankets. What a great idea to practice a new skill :cheering:

looks great, the colors are really nice

I love your color choices!!

Lovely !! Bight and cheery.:slight_smile:

So much fun! I love good ole Granny Squares. They are so timeless! And sturdy! Your colors are outstanding!