FO: Got socks out of my system

Up to this moment I felt bad that I have never knit a pair of ‘real’ socks with fine yarn and small needles. Well, ta-da! Not even one but two pairs. (Lion Brand Sock Ease, one ball makes 1.5 pairs, 2 mm needles.)

Well! Mark that one off the list, eh? Fabuloso socks! So colorful and warm looking, with such perfect stitches.

You [I]almost[/I] make me want to make a pair myself.

Speaking of which, you’ve mentioned several times that you have a sock and hat recipe that works for any size. Is this in a book you have? If so, what might be the name of it?

Thanks bunches!!

Thanks a lot! The book is Knitting rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka Yarn Harlot), it’s worth buying, however your library might have it as well, if you just want a taste.

The ‘sock recipe’ is written so well (and so deliciously funny) that I just memorized the steps. Basically, you measure you foot, get a swatch for your yarn/needles, get gauge, cast on – and the rest is just based on the number of stitches you have. To make your life easier, it should be even.

There is also a pattern, line by line, if it’s a more comfortable format to follow.

Olha, thanks so much for the information. Unfortunately, my tiny library has very little in the way of knitting, so I’ll have to look for it elsewhere (or just buy it).

It certainly looks like you’ve got heads and toes well covered in your household! :slight_smile:

Great socks! They’ll sure help brighten up your day. Some days a colorful pair of socks make great medicine. I like the way you did a pair and a half–that small pair is so adorably cute. Enjoy wearing them.

Love the socks and the pics

Watch put socks are addictive, you might think they are out of your system but one day they might just sneak up on you

Thanks! We did enjoy them today, it’s rainy and gloomy, and my boy and I were wearing boots with our new socks. I don’t remember last time I was so aware of my toes while driving :slight_smile:

Love the socks! Thanks for posting the recommendation for the sock “recipe.” That sounds like just what I’ve been searching for and have already requested the book from the library.

Thanks for sharing!

Very, very nice. Love those colors too. Tis the season for me to start socks. From July on I have birthday pairs, and I always make the grandsons matching ones for Christmas. They are cousins, not brothers, but the little one who will be 5 in June likes having socks that match his older cousin, who will be 12 in June.

I have that book and I’ve read it a couple times! Love it! The socks look great Olha!

Thanks, and this is cute! :slight_smile:

Great looking socks to lift your spirits on a gloomy day. And perfect to wear with boots. Well done on both pair!

Olha, you make every project so perfectly beautiful.

Aw, you are so sweet. I am sure it’s the kid in the picture, I blame everything on them :slight_smile:

Yummy socks, Olha! Great job as always! :cheering:

Stephanie’s sock recipe is the cat’s meow!

Very cute! Love that colorway…so bright and cheerful!

I have that book too - on Kindle - and I laughed out loud all the way through. Your socks look gorgeous, Olha, and so cosy!


Oooooh, so nice! Great work, Olha! You are a fantastic knitter, and photographer!

Great looking socks! I had an older woman teach me to make socks by the method you describe. I don’t remember it all, but I made a pair or two using it years ago. I really love the colorway of this yarn, very rich. I’m able to resist the addiction to socks as well. :lol: I’ve made a few pair, but I can definitely stop.

Very nice Mommie and Me socks.