FO: Google N7 Tablet "sleeve"

[B]My husband has taken time out of the woods to join us in the 21st Century![/B]

[B]He purchased the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet[/B]…for surfing Craig’s List, Ebay, etc. for tools, pigeons,
tires, rims, etc! [B]Guy stuff[/B] that he has to twist my arm to do for him. Gah!

Anyway, I used 108 yds of dk stash to knit up a sleeve for his tablet. I included two buttons at the top so that the (bottom) centered micro-USB port is easily accessible when the tablet is headfirst in the sleeve overnight.

I know that many ‘cases’ can be purchased…but I was so undecided about what kind…

Who can go wrong with knitting a sleeve in 24 hrs? If I find a commercial case or sleeve later on,
nothing lost really. Just a little time and yarn!

Here are my Ravely notes with all the details about the pattern.

Bottom side view, shows the P3 gusset:

Bottom view, shows the 3st wide Garter Stitch:

Easy to button, the tablet sits below the garter ridge top border:

Always slide in [U]face up[/U], so buttons don’t scrape the face of the tablet:

Handsome looking, practical, a terricfic color choice and very complementary buttons. That’s got to be a power combination. I think we need one of these. Thanks very much for the notes on the pattern.

I knita sleeve for my Droidx a few years ago, too! I really love it!
[B]Easy to find it in my bookbag, handbag, etc![/B]

Celtic interlocking cable rings on both sides:

Very professional looking sleeve–very manly, too! I bet this will last a long, long time (I know my crocheted camera case has withstood a lot of wear and tear). In fact, the sleeve will probably outlast the tablet, which, sadly, is probably already out of date considering how fast technology changes.

Great use for some of your stash!

Great idea. Even if you buy a commercial one - maybe a hard case that’d be more protective in more hazardous situations (like in case your hubby takes it with him - he looks like a pretty rugged outdoorsman) - you’d still rather have the knit one most of the time - lighter weight, easier access, and nicer to handle indoors :slight_smile:

It looks great and very practical. Jack wants a tablet but he has a perfectly good laptop that is not old enough to replace. Sometimes I just have to put my foot down. lol

Both sleeves look lovely.


What a great way to use up some stash–and very practical, too! The color is perfect for an outdoorsman. I know he will love it!