FO: glampyreknits easy v-neck raglan

I love this knit - fun, easy, quick pattern, with an FO that I can wear with skirts, jeans, pants. I’m thrilled! :happydance:

(shown with a skirt I made myself - please ignore the fact that it needs another ironing!)

Beautiful job, Stacey! The skirt is wonderful too - such a classy outfit!

That’s adorable! And I love your curls!

Lovely! Fits you perfectly.

Good job!

I love that sweater! Pattern link please? :teehee:

Oh and your skirt looks awesome, too!

Here’s the site where the pattern can be found: You have to click on the Pattern Shop.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Looks great!! As usual! :teehee:

Great sweater!! I love those items that are so versatile - and even better handmade! Cool skirt too - but DIGGIN’!! those BOOTS!! :thumbsup:

How in the world do you get 15sts/4" on size 7 needles with a worsted weight yarn??? :shrug:

You know, that’s weird, kq, that the website says that, because what the site lists is actually different from what the pattern says. The pattern suggests size 9 needles (size 7s only for the ribbing), and has gauge listed as 14 sts for 4 inches instead of 15. Also, the website says worsted, but the yarn used in the pattern sample was heavy worsted, and I used bulky to get that gauge. Thing is, after reading your question I checked the gauge on my sweater, and to my consternation discovered that mine is 16 sts for 4"! (I swear that with my gauge swatch my gauge was spot-on). I guess that explains why mine doesn’t hang as loose as others I’ve seen.

Oh well. I’ll definitely be knitting this one again, and I’ll have to remember everything I learned this go-round. Thanks for the nice words, everyone!

I bought the pattern anyways!! :teehee:

kq, when I did mine, I discovered a pattern error and emailed Stefanie about it. It’s supposed to be fixed in the ones she’s sending out now, but you might want to double-check: before you start the body ribbing, does she have you increase 1 st on each side (2 sts total)? If not, you won’t have the right number of stitches to do a k2, p2 rib all the way around (in other words, when you get to the end of the first round, you will end up with a k2 right next to where you started with a k2).

Yep, looks like it’s been corrected. I don’t have the right yarn for this yet anyways…must. finish. other. projects. :teehee:

P.S. Stacey, did you do any neckline finishing, or do you leave it as is? She says in the pattern to ‘work neckline trim if desired’. It doesn’t look like you did anything to the neckline and I like how it looks, but how does it lay flat like that?

I did not do any neckline finishing. I have seen some people add ribbing, but I really like the rougher look of it the way it is. I’m not entirely sure why it doesn’t roll - the back of the neck does. But the v-neck part just lays flat, and I didn’t do anything special to it to make it do that (maybe because it’s at an angle, instead of straight?).

I think if I did do something, I’d do a single crochet around the neck. So not totally rough, but not ribbing either.

Ohh love the color and the big ribbing very cute.

That looks great!

I think this may go on my list of things I want to knit.

Stacey ~ I’m one skein into this sweater now and I think I’m in the same boat as you! Suddenly my gauge measures 16sts/4" instead of 14sts :doh: . I had a HARD time getting gauge in the first place. I’m using Patons Shetland Chunky, and ended up using a 10.5US needle. A few inches in, I measured again and I was spot on. Now, just about ready to put the arm stitches on scrap yarn I measure again and I’m at 16sts/4". HOW did that happen?? :shrug: Luckily I’m at a point where it’s easy to just add a few more increase rows. Where I’m at now, it would end up with a finished bust size of a bit less than 36" which would not work for me, I want it to be looser fitting and be able to wear a shirt underneath without it being too snug. Now I’ll probably need more yarn though.

Anyways, regardless it’s a quick knit and I’m looking forward to having a new sweater!! :smiley:

I :heart: your sweater! I am not a big fan of turtleneck type sweaters and that would be perfect pattern for me! Thanks for including the link to the pattern. :happydance: