FO Girl's Lace Capelet--modeled

A friend asked me to make a little capelet for her daughter to wear for her first communion. I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere, then I tried to adapt an adult pattern, and then finally decided to make my own using Lily of the Valley lace and winging it. It turns out that her favorite flower is Lily of the Valley and that she planned to have her daughter hold a sprig on the day of, so it must have been fate.

I used Angora Extra from Little Knits–so soft :heart:. The neck will be tied with a ribbon going through the eyelets.

It’s laying out blocking now, and I’ll have one of the boys pose with it when it’s dry since there aren’t any little girls around. :teehee: I’ll probably have to come up with a good bribe.

oh it is so beautiful. Do you know where I could get a free pattern of lilly of the valley stitch?

Thank you!

There’s a chart here

Oh that is so pretty… your work is always so very inspiring! Great job. My favourite flower is Lily of the Valley as well.

Beautiful work as always, Ingrid! :yay: I LOVE the Lily of the Valley pattern…it’s so delicate and beautiful for this time of year.

Best of luck bribing one of the boys… :wink:

Very pretty and so dainty!! Love it! Mary

That is absolutely gorgeous! Very pretty piece, that I’m sure the little girl will look just lovely in. I am always impressed with your work.


That is beautiful, she will love it.

Breathtaking. You are awesome! I hope I can knit like you when I grow up!

That is so beautiful! :inlove:

Thanks, everyone! I can’t wait to show it to her on Monday!

Just gorgeous Ingrid !!!

That is so pretty, what little girl wouldn’t love it?

The pattern really is suggestive of Lily of the Valley bloom, very nice.

Stunning! Beautiful detail work…


Thank you, everyone!

I got Ryan to model it. :teehee:

it’s beautiful!! I love lily of the valley too–thanks for the link!

Ingrid that is beautiful! Tell Ryan we said thanks for letting us see it modeled!

Ingrid, I had a boy, tell Ryan that he is "so-o-o [I]cute![/I] I’m sure he’d love to hear it. With his tongue stuck out like that, the line from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show comes back to me: “All boy and a yard wide!”

Very pretty! Wondering what you had to do to bribe him :teehee: That was very nice of him to model it for you. He is a very cute little boy, even with his tongue stuck out.:wink: