FO: girls cotton dress

the collar was a bit tricky to attach so that it wouldn’t ‘jump up’ but it worked at the end :slight_smile:

That dress is so pretty and I love the yoke. Lovely colors and yarn.

Adorable! Pretty color, too!

Oh, it is soooo cute :inlove: It is the only thing I miss having only two grandsons is knitting for a little girl. They are not sweater wearers so it is basically socks! lol

That is vey cute. I love it.

Oh wow and double wow! You’re really an artist when it comes to choosing the yarn, the color and the design to put together! This is another WINNER!

OMG… another stunning FO… ! I’m in awe and filled with envy… :slight_smile: that you can knit such beautiful things.
Love this little dress to bits… would love to see it on your little girl. I bet she looks stunning in it too.
TEMA :yay:

Again? Yet another stunning FO from Olha? :wink:
That is precious! Your little girl is lucky.
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
With your talent and skill, I bet your kids have artistic tendencies too.

Cute, cute cute! I am sure she will love it.

It’s a lovely little dress–very spring-like and with just enough ruffle to twirl and flounce around.

I bet your daughter loves it!!

Super job, Olha!

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to say too! Feminine, just a bit frilly, practical…the kind of thing my DD would have loved way back when.

Thank you, ladies, you are very nice. It’s an old project so I don’t feel like bumping it up with my responses. I just want to say that it’s not the case of ‘what, again!!!’ but ancient history :slight_smile: