FO: Ghostrider inspired fingerless gloves

Just finished these fingerless gloves for my dad. I
used the character Ghostrider as inspiration for the
flaming skull picture. My dad is a motorcycle guy so
that seemed appropriate :slight_smile: Oh and the fingers on the
right glove are not even, in case you wonder, my dad
had an oilfield accident and is missing parts of fingers so I
made these as custom fit!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Those arre very cool! I’m sure he will love them!

Your Dad will LOVE those. Nice job. They look very professional.

those rock! Great work!

:happydance:Very cool!! :happydance:

Those are really cool!

Beyond awesome!! :cheering:

Those are awesome! And what a great idea to make them custom for him.

You’re the bomb!:woot: Lucky man, your dad.

:inlove: Love them! I would like a pair for myself!!:slight_smile:

Looks like somebody “pimped” his gloves. Great job!

Those are awesome! What a great gift!

those are awesome! i love the colorwork that you chose to do!

Fantastic work! I’m impressed! :yay:

Super! Enjoyed your other FOs, too.

those are very cool :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for your kind words! It was my first
duplicate stitch project so nice to hear some positive
comments! :slight_smile:

Those are so freakin’ cool! :thumbsup: My nephew would love those–he’d put flames on everything if we’d let him:teehee: