FO: Garter Stitch Baby Jacket

Here’s another sweater for Katie’s new baby girl, due in January.

This baby jacket is one-piece, with seaming along the sides & arms.
I’ve knit it numerous times for different babies born in our family and in our congregation.

It used one skein, but I bought two. So I’m knitting a “Little Friends” dress with the other skein.
I think all 4 sweaters can be worn with the dress using this Baby Baby colorway.

My Ravelry notes.

I’m running out of adjectives, ArtLady! Simply beautiful! What an amazing gift!!

They look fantastic all together like that. Love the colours of the new one. Do you ever sleep??!!

:teehee: I’m beginning to think this new baby is really your new doll to dress up. :teehee:

Adorable sweater.

Husband has been gone for two weeks, hunting. He’s on his way home today. So while the cat’s away, the mice will play. :teehee: Meaning…I’ve been able to knit like a fiend with no one over my shoulder.

The other day, I knit til 7 am…all nighter. :eyes: Ugh. That was a mistake. In the morning I had to frog and re-knit half the Right Side. Of this jacket. How in the world does one make a mistake on a garter stitch baby jacket that’s been knit a dozen times? By forgetting the doggone buttonholes! Ha Ha. Ya just can’t play off an error like that. :pout:

This is going to be one lucky baby!! All are fabulous as usual.

Beautiful as always Artlady!!! Do you know where I can buy the pattern for the Garter Stitch sweater?? THANKS!!!


ArtLady, you are a phenomenon! Another beauty! :notworthy:

Each sweater is so lovely but the four together are overwhelming. And a dress yet to come! (btw, the model Little Friends are adorable, too.)
It’s a stunningly beautiful wardrobe and so thoughtful to have the different sizes.

:heart: :heart: :heart: Precious!

I vote for Best Dressed Baby of 2014!


Absolutely lovely! And the ‘Little Friends’ dress is adorable; I can hardly wait to see that FO - it looks like it will coordinate nicely with each of the sweaters.

I love all the sweaters, especially this garter stitch one. Is there a pattern available for it?

I can’t find the leaflet online at Ebay, Amazon, or even the company’s website, Naturally Yarns.

Ravelry’s database features a dozen other garter stitch baby sweaters and jackets.

In pattern search, type in “garter stitch baby jacket” (or sweater). You’ll get lots of cute designs.

My leaflet is Naturally Yarns K551.

One would think that after so many times you should be able to knit it in your sleep :wink:

It’s awesome to see all sweaters together, what a beautiful collection.

I just did a “google search” for “Naturally Yarns K551” and came up with a couple of different sites that sell that pattern. I’m going to order one myself!!!


Good to know! I’m so happy it’s still available somewhere! Thanks for doing the research and taking time to share the info! Got links? :hug:

When I looked more thoroughly, I realized that some of the links that Google listed were “out of stock” or not available. I will do some more sleuthing this week and let you know!!!


OK. Here are some links to ordering the K551 booklet for the garter stitch baby jacket (and hat).…-Baby/Detail

These are the ones I could find in the USA. There are 3 or 4 others from Australia and New Zealand. Paradise Fibers in the USA has a listing, but it’s currently out of stock.

hth, knitcindy

So cute