FO - Garter Rib Socks

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Det här är det första paret strumpor jag stickar som passar mig” = “This is the first pair of socks I knit that fit me”

My first ever pair of socks that fit me!!! (Can’t say how many attempts I’ve made at knitting myself socks and then given up…)

Garter Rib Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, knit in a handdyed wool from Australia. The yarn was sent to me from Katie (ToastKing) in last summer’s Yarn Swap.

Nice job! :thumbsup: I love the color–great with jeans!

I have that book but haven’t tried that pattern–must do!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Anna! I’m so glad you have a pair of socks that fit!! They are wonderful and such a beautiful color!

Ooooo those are so pretty!

They look great!

Great socks! I am knitting those exact socks now too! I’m about 2 in" into the second sock. I got the book at the library, but have ordered my own copy. It’s a great resource for socks.


They’re great, Anna! Really pleased the yarn worked up ok and you finally got some socks that fit you perfectly :cheering: :muah:

oh, gorgeous! gives me hope that maybe someday, i too can join the sock queendom

Ultimate fighters

Very nice job! Beautiful work

Wow! I love them! :cheering:

They look fantastic! I love that pattern and the color is so pretty!