FO: Garter rib green socks

Hey, seems like after Christmas knitting everyone should be resting but… did you see all these new and beautiful knits? Amazing.

Randomly, I came up with a tiny charity project that connects a few local points of interest. If if happens, I will tell you more. But for now here is one part of the plan.

They are inspired by some garter rib socks but made using Stephanie’s (Yarn Harlot’s) basic sock recipe.

If they seem a bit short, it’s because I was going for one skein of worsted yarn (or is it DK? it’s Briggs and Little 2 ply 80% wool, 20% nylon).

If you think it’s too many pictures for a pair socks, well, I agree. But can’t help it :slight_smile:

Very nice looking warm, warm socks! Living where you do, I am sure you appreciate a good warm sock! :slight_smile:

Oooo pretty! They look warm and comfy!

Really, really pretty socks! :inlove:

Wow, gorgeous socks! The pictures look like a sock tutorial. Love the color.

Nice work! Those are lovely and perfect just the way they are–they don’t need to be any longer.

I am jealous of your perfect gusset!!

[I]to Antares:[/I] Thanks, and you all will be laughting of course but that’s how women socks always looked on girls and women where I come from. Sort of short-cute-girlie style. Or knee high. And anything in between was reserved for men :slight_smile:

[I]to LoveBugAngel:[/I] I have a secret :slight_smile: But it’s publicly available in Knitting Rules book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. You could check public libraries in Ontario or Amazon.

Oh yeah, love that book! It’s got the socks, but it’s not a sock book. There is other “patterns” and she’s very funny. I’ve read it many times for both pleasure and when I was looking for some lesson. Well worth buying IMO!

I have other sock books, too.

Like you, I have a secret sock source book too. Mine is [U]Sensational Knitted Socks[/U] by Charlene Schurch and I use it for every pair of socks I knit so I can get a good fit as I never knit socks for myself but always as gifts. You did do a terrific job on them.

What I love about Stephanie’s sock recipe is that you only need to read it once and you get it. You know how it works no matter what yarn, needles or feet you use. It’s not a pattern, it’s technology.

They are beautiful and I love the colorway!!

Love the colour!

Oh my! These are very pretty socks! I really do like the fit! :heart: