FO - Fuzzy Feet

This is the first FO I’ve posted here - I’m so excited!!

I’ve made several pairs of Fuzzy Feet in the past, but this pair is for me!! For more info - see my blog.

Those are adorable! I like the mittens on your blog too! You need to post more stuff here!

Great job!!!

I like the lace scarf you are working up as well. Please post a pic of it when it’s done so we can see how gorgeous it is!


[CENTER][B]I forgot if I posted or not, but I want to say GREAT WORK![/B]
[B]:thumbsup: [/B][/CENTER]

Those look comfy! They make me want to crawl into PJs, put on your slippers, and cuddle up and knit!

:teehee: Those look amazingly comfy and cute! I bet you’ll enjoy wearing them. Great job!

Cute and functional–what a great combination!

They look great!!:happydance:

That’s pretty much what I’m doing right now - except I’m here instead of knitting :wink:

Those look so comfortable! Very nice!

Those are so cute-they look like fun to wear too :mrgreen: