FO: furry hat

ArtYarns Wool Fur – 95% wool 5% nylon
Size 11 needles.

This is the third different hat I have made with this yarn. The first two looked horrible on me! Hopefully this one doesn’t look bad on me! For furry yarn, this frogs surprisingly easily and does not shed. This hat is very light weight, very warm and super squishy. I wish I had a LYS that carried so I could check out more colors. I went with brown because I was trying to be practical. Or at least as practical as you can get with a furry hat. Now I want a fun color one.


Very adorable! It shows of your gorgeous green eyes.

I love the hat and the yarn you used. Would you tell me where to find the pattern.

I love it :slight_smile:

I did not use a pattern. I CO on 45 (This will depend on your head size) stitches on a 16’’ size 11 circular needle. PM to mark beginning of round. Knit in stockinette until hat just about reaches the top of your head, then start decreasing. You want the hat to be a little longer than necessary so you can fold up the bottom to create the little “brim”. It is seriously that easy.


Thank you so much. I’ll give it a try.

That looks so nice and warm!

nice and fluffy :slight_smile:
i could wear that with a matching top ive got