FO-Fun Fur Boa Scar & WIP Sweater for husband

I just recently finished a Fun Fur Boa Scarf. I had so much fun making this scarf and can’t wait to make more. I purchased some other fun fur and frill yarns to make scarves for this year. I am currently working on my first sweater for my husband too.

For the scarf I used a basic pattern from Crafty Elf:

My husbands pattern is:

I’m using Cascade Yarns Eco+ Shade 9448. Its a beautiful green color.

That does look like fun, are they quick to knit? What sweater pattern are you using?

Better you than me! The only thing I’ve ever tried to work with called “Fun Fur” was pure evil. :twisted: It was like a little ball of hate. This doesn’t look like exactly the same stuff, but … :gah:

VERY nice job – especially considering the materials involved! If you can knit [I]that[/I] stuff… :notworthy:

Oh, nicely done! That looks warm, soft and very pretty.
I like the pattern your your husband’s sweater too. That should be fun to do.

Love the sweater pattern. Was that added after I asked earlier or am I slipping more stitches than I realized?

I’ve never tried the fun furs or eyelash yarns they intimidate me too much. Looking at your pic I might have to decide to face them and try something with one or the other.

Normally I don’t like fun fur either, but this looks a little like mink! Pretty! Nice sweater pattern, too!

I’ll be interested in hearing how you like the Cascade Eco+. I’m currently embarked on my first journey with Cascade Eco Duo and have very mixed feelings about it. (To be fair, it’s probably more the knitter than the yarn that’s causing the problem but that hardly matters, does it?) In general I like Cascade’s yarns a lot, but this one is giving me a bit of trouble.

I love that sweater!! Where did you get the pattern? AND your scarf looks great! Good job!


Very pretty scarf. I like a lot of fun fur, gives a nice look. I’ve not really worked with it though, is it hard to work with? :heart: