FO: Fruit Loops Baby Blanket

Just started another baby blanket…

I started one with a homespun from michael’s but after fighting with it, i decided to get something else.

It reminds me of fruit loops.

[B]EDIT: [/B]
March 31st: Finished the blanket

Love the colors! With the garter stitch, it really does look like Fruit Loops!

I needed a quick knit, cause the baby is due on the 6th of April. With me moving and such, i needed something fast.

I love it! Great work! Pastels are my all time fav for baby stuff!

That is too cute! It really does remind you of Fruit Loops when you see it! Great work :cheering:

Looking good :thumbsup: I [I]does[/I] remind ya of fruit loops!

It DOES look like fruit loops! How fun! :slight_smile:

What brand of yarn is it? I like the colors.

It’s pretty. And does remind me of fruit loops.

Finished the blanket today :slight_smile:

Pretty! Love the colors & the effect. :thumbsup:

So cute!! Is it wrong that I’m now in the mood for some milk? :think:

It DOES look like fruit loops…love it

The blanket and baby arrived :slight_smile:

How sweet!

That is really nice, & I agree, it does look like fruit loops!