FO: Frozen Tundra mittens

I’ve been internet searching for the perfect, wind proof crochet mittens. Finally found it! These are crochet mittens with no holes designed to stand up to the coldest weather. It’s designed by a lady from Norway. I did a variation of hers, but same principle. They’re thick and warm. The body is crocheted and the cuff is knit in a rib.

Wow! Those [U]do[/U] look warm and very pretty, too! I love the color, and the no-holes crocheted pattern is gorgeous!

Thanks for the link.

Basically, all that’s done with this is using a smaller crochet hook. This was done with a G and single crocheted through the back loop for the whole body. It’s like the rib stitch used on mitten cuffs but worked horizontally.

Those are terrific! It’s not as cold here as it is in your neighborhood but those would be perfect when the temperature drops. Beautifully done.

Nice and pretty colors too!

They do look warm. Nice mitts.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Oh wow, those are great![/SIZE][/FONT]


I’ve crocheted for years and have pattern for a ridged mitten that is easy and done in one long piece, but isn’t that warm as it has too many holes. These look great!!! Can’t wait to use up some odd skeins of yarn on these!

Ooooooo, they look sooooo warm and cozy! Great work! Great color!