FO: Frozen Leaves

It is unblocked in this picture, I finished it just in time for 4 days of rain here.

The yarn is Knitpicks Tonal in gypsy

Looks really nice!! Can’t wait to see it blocked! :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful!

that color is absolutely perfect…its what I’ve been looking for to make a scarf for paris this summer just what i need more projects to try and hurry and finish…lol…maybe i’ll pick up the teal and green yarns too…question is that the lace yarn or the sock…im guessing lace

I’m seeing hearts instead of leaves. :muah: This sure is pretty. Hearts…red…perfect together.

Beautiful!! Congrats!! :inlove:

It is fingering weight on size four needles

Beautiful…Well done!:thumbsup:

Simply a work of art…

Just beautiful.

[SIZE=5][COLOR=Magenta][B]In 4[/B][B] days??? [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=6][COLOR=Magenta]:woohoo:

Absolutely stunning shawl, love the colour!

Oh I think shawls such as this ARE SPECTACULAR! This one is super spectacular! You chose such a great color, and the knitting is impeccable! Wonderful! Inspiring!

Gorgeeeeeeous! I am so impressed, knowing that I could never do anything so lacey and beautiful. Congrats!

Oh, it’s beautiful! I love the color. Where did you find the pattern?

The pattern is a free Ravelry download
a link to the KAL thread with the reworked charts

Oh no! it wasn’t knitted in 4 days. It took about 3 weeks, but I knit slow

Gorgeous!!! Even so, three weeks is pretty quick to me! Wonderful job! love the color and stitch pattern.

Beautiful work! And I love the color you chose as well. I can’t believe how quickly you finished it … great job! :cheering:

After seeing how beautiful some of the beaded Frozen Leaves are; I have an overwhelming urge to make another :teehee: Maybe after the Haruni.

That shawl is simply stunning! Beautiful job. :inlove: