FO: Frog Prince

This is my Prince Charming! He was made with Crafty Hedgehog’s Frog Prince pattern.

I bought a knitted frog from her last summer (my first of many Etsy buys.) & was in such awe of his clever craftsmanship that I emailed the seller with pattern inquiries. She told me that she would be selling the pattern before too long. So here he is! My very own Prince!

Size 4 needles, Lambs Pride worsted in Limeade.

How cute, you must have the patience of a saint!

Oh my gosh, that is so cute! He needs a crown now! :yay:

Absolutely adorable!! I agree with the crown though - I’m mean what’s a prince without his crown? :teehee:

He is great. I also concur with Jan. Get him a crown , It will be the finishing touch :slight_smile:

That is to cute!! :thumbsup:

I LOVE IT! I laughed when I seen this, just adorable. I LOVE FROGS!!! :hug:

I love him!

Now, that is just darn right cute! I agree with the crown! You are such a smartie! Great job!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

That is too cute!!! I :heart: it! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

oooh…its so cute!! i want one! great job on that! :woohoo: :woohoo:
keep the froggies comin’!

I love it!! So cute!!

Cute. :slight_smile:

That is too cute. Now all he needs is a crown :wink:

That is the cutest frog i ever seen!

OH!:inlove: I love Frogs…and that one is too adorable.

Too bad she’s sold out on her patterns.:waah:

Oh wow! Now I have another goal! Toys! Your work is adorable and well done!! Inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Too cute! I love his eyes. “What big eyes you have…”

He is certainly froggie. Those big eyes and feet are really cute. Good job.