FO - Frog baby lovey

I just finished testing/proofreading this pattern for a member on Ravelry. It was written in German and I asked if she was going to do an english version and she kindly did and asked me to proofread for her. I found it easier to make it while I was reading to see how it came out. I just sent it to her today so the english version may be available soon.

I used Berroco Comfort and size US 4 needles. She calls for DPN, but I used magic loop. And I’m not sure what weight yarn she suggested…it was German. It came out a nice size with the DK though.

That is adorable and hysterically funny at the same time. Many thanks for the pattern link and the translation. What baby wouldn’t love it!

Well Jan, that is just too darn cute for words! Have you told Dollyce yet that this has to be a MUST for that adorable new great grandson of hers? I can just picture any little wee one crawling around on that and bopping the froggie’s head. Giggles galore! Of course, as always, beautiful work. Jeanie

I don’t believe the english translation is up on the site yet, but keep watch. :wink:


Oh my…that is definitely going on my “knit me next” list for my great-nephew…he’ll LOVE IT!..too, too cute. Can’t wait for the translation:cheering:

Jan…what did you stuff it with?

That is SO adorable, Jan!!!

Hey, I might need some translation terms from you when I get to Switzerland. I think most of the area (Basel) is primarily German speaking.

I just used a polyester filling to stuff it with.

Also note if you download the German version… I suggested some changes to her which included using a tight decrease/increase on the head. She didn’t say which one so I used the yo ktbl which is too loose when you’re going to be stuffing. She also used a set of 5 dpn for the frog, but I prefer 4 which made the increase/decreases not even on each needle. This messed me up so I used magic loop with no problems.

When she posts the English version I’ll let you know in this thread.

Jan, that is so cute. Love the eyeballs. But may I ask what it is, it’s purpose? Is it a toy or a blanket or what exactly? Maybe there is no “exactly”. :slight_smile: How big is it?

Thanks! It’s about 12" square I think, but you can make it as big as you want. You would just continue increase the corners till it’s the size you want.

It’s a little “lovey” that a kid carries around and could use in place of, or in addition to, a big blanket or other toy. It’s just a comfort type thing.

I see. I’ve never seen this type of “lovey” in use. Several of my grandkids packed cloth diapers around for comfort. One is doing that right now. This would be cuter for carrying around if you could get him to go for it. :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be cuter. :wink: I figure with a basic pattern like this it would be easy enough to modify it into any critter you want, too!

He looks like Kermy!!! Bet Miss Piggy would like to “lovey” this! :roflhard: Oh and great job Jan he is really cute!


English pattern now available. When you click the link it gives you two choices one of which is english. :thumbsup:

That is adorable and I am a frog collector so I think this is a must. I made a bunny lovey for my granddaughter at Easter but I used bamboo thinking the soft silky feel would be nice but it actually is pretty much too soft, droopy so the ears sort of flop. Oh well, now I know stick to the yarn called for in a pattern.

I used a different yarn for this one and usually do for any pattern. Bamboo is known to be very drapey so it could be a problem for many things that need some body. :wink:

That is a completely adorable project for little ones. Great work, Jan.

I was thinking since bamboo is soft silky feeling the baby would love rubbing it but it sure made the bunny droopy, lesson learned.

You could maybe knit it at a tighter gauge, but using something less droopy would be good. I use Berroco Comfort and Plymouth Jeannee for a lot of my baby things. They are soft and washable.

Well, now, isn’t that just adorable? Love it!!