FO: French Trellis Scarf

I finished the French Trellis Scarf I was making for my MIL, and only slightly late (which was okay 'cause we didn’t see her 'til after Christmas). When she got here and saw the felted clogs I made, she was disappointed that she was getting the scarf. :noway::nails: Oh well. :teehee:

I used Malabrigo lace weight in the Emerald Blue colorway. The pattern is from Victorian Lace Today.

Oooh that is pretty! I love the colour too.

:passedout: she was disappointed??? It’s beautiful…I might have been tempted to give her an IOU for clogs and keep the scarf for myself :teehee:

Me too! I think it is gorgeous.

Pretty! It’s so elegant. I think I would of done the same dustinac!

Very pretty!

I think it’s beautiful!

She kept the scarf, but bought some yarn and asked me to make the clogs too.:lol: Because I like her, I am. :wink:

ooooh, that drapes really neat! And I love the color.

That is just beautiful! Nice job!

This is just one of my FAVORITESS scarves! The pattern is so interesting and delicate, and the shade of blue is soooo “right on”!!

Way to go, girl! :thumbsup:

:teehee: ok now that is something my dad would do… and I would do the same for him

OMG that’s just gorgeous! She must not be knitter :). It truly is beautiful work.

I think that scarf is drop dead gorgeous! And I think it’s sweet that you’ve made all this effort for your MIL.

Lucky MIL, that beautiful lace scarf AND the clogs!! She [U]must[/U] be special.

Love that scarf! The color is so beautiful, she’s one lucky lady to have you for a DIL!

I agree with dustinac. Keep the scarf and make her a pair of felted clogs. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous! Beats clogs hands down in my book.

That’s a gorgeous scarf! I love the color. It was very generous of you to agree to make her the clogs too.