FO: Freestyle Shawl

I am experimenting with freestyle - changing yarns and stitches, adding beads, etc. I still need to loosen up. I’m still too bound by “rules,” but I am having fun with it, and I guess that’s the point. Here’s my first attempt.

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That is gorgeous! :inlove:

Great job on it! It’s really pretty!

Looks great! I hope to try too sometime, but think my analytical engineering brain would have a hard time being arsty and free form!


:heart: :thumbsup: Love the colors!

:cheering: :muah:

Brave and beautiful!! :cheering:

Ha! ME TOO! My biochemistry/biology/anatomy/physiology brain is sooooo straight-laced! I have to do something to loosen it up! Don’t worry, the geometry will come so naturally to you. You’ll intuitively understand how to shape a two-dimentional object to fit a three-dimentional body. Or, a mathematical stitch pattern might really work for you! (Try to design one based on a prime number, or pi, for example.)

Us left brainers will figure out our own way to venture into right-brain territory.

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I found haveing a stash pile helps… you just grab the next ball when you run out… makes for interesting blankest and such.

I think you did a wonderful job

WOW that’s really beautiful!!

Wonderful job!!! My brain couldn’t handle that either - I’d be counting rows unconciously! :wall:

Wow, that’s really nice! :notworthy:

Looks like something you could buy in one of those funky (expensive) little botique stores.

I love the fringe… it is funky and cool~!

:muah: :cheering: I love the shawl!! it looks gorgeous!!

Wow! Thanks for all the compliments, you guys! I’m blushing (but happy!) LOL!