FO: Fortune's Fair Isle Sweater

Thanks to the eagle eye of Ingrid, (she helped me understand something I just could not see) I was able to finish my very first fair isle project for my Yorkie, Fortune. It was supposed to be his Christmas present, but it has turned cold here so I gave it to him early! :slight_smile: Fortune thanks you Ingrid! :thumbsup:

Oh boy! Another FO to look at! Fun! Fun!

And what a lovely little coat for your furry friend! Your fair isle is lovely, and your little Fortune looks toasty warm! (He also looks like he thinks he’s in trouble, but maybe he’s just worried or something–or perhaps this is his usual demeanor!) At any rate, good job on this one.

He kept walking all over the place when I wanted him to stay still so I commanded him to “sit” so he was irked at me I think. lol

Love it! :inlove:

ETA…your dog is super cute!

Oh that turned out really well. The Fair Isle looks great and the colors are perfect on your adorable dog.

What a happy Fortune, nonny! Great sweater and precious little dog! :happydance:

Oh my, that is the nicest doggie sweater I’ve ever soon! Such wonderful work! And the colors are spectacular on him!

Thanks, he loves the darn thing for some reason. He has 2 homemade sweaters and one from the store and would always try and rub them off, eventually doing just that, but he doesn’t do it with this one. Can’t be the yarn, because I used the same brand, etc on the other two sweaters. Must be he like fair isle! lol How did your cat/doggy bed come out???

I got really sick with the flu for ten whole days, so I haven’t felted it yet! :pout:

I’ve read a lot of warnings about putting the knitted item inside pillow cases, or garment bags, to save your washing machine from becoming clogged with fuzz, ruined. But this unfelted doggy bed is too big for any pillow case!

Does anyone have a suggestion so I don’t ruin my washing machine??? :think:

I’d take it to a laundromat and use one of the larger or largest machines.


The trouble with taking it to a laundromat is that I think most of the machines are locked closed for the cycle so no one gets hurt. I [U]always[/U] check my felted items multiple times to make sure they aren’t getting bent or over felting. Some yarns don’t take the whole cycle.

I felted slippers recently, but they of course were able to fit in laundry bags. I think they make bigger ones, but I’m not sure. Some of the fuzz was in my washer anyway. I was able to just take it out. :shrug:

Jan, sorry to hear you had the flu! Hope you’re feeling better now.

I’m not sure what size your dog bed is, but it didn’t look so enormous that it wouldn’t fit into a regular washing machine. So what if you took it to a laundromat and used one of the regular sized washers? I think you can open the lid on most of those (but check before you dish out a lot of money on it).

Another option might be to use one of those laundry bags for dirty clothes that college students often use (something like this:

You might not be able to totally close the top, but the opening would be fairly small.

Cute sweater for a cute dog! Fair Isle looks very good too.