FO for my wed. attendants, sister n niece

Finally i got back my camera and took the pics of my FO.

For female attendants

For Male attendants

Beanie for another attendant

For my sister

For my niece

I still have one more finished FO on 26th August 06. refer to another post on My shrug…

Cheers :clink:

Fabulous! :thumbsup: Are the ones for your attendants scarves?

Looks like you’ve been busy! Great job! :cheering:

Wow, you had time to do ALL that knitting AND plan a wedding! You’re awesome! :cheering: Everything looks great! I think you should have a picture of the wedding party with all of their knitted gifts!

You’ve been super busy! Are they all scarves? Love the colours!

Beautiful! I think it’s so cool that you knitted gifts for them – what a special memento of the wedding they will have.

Everything looks fabulous!!! Boy, you are a busy bride/knitter!!! Congrats on the wedding :muah:

Great projects!

congratulations… on your pending nuptials and the good WORK on these gifts for your attendants. really nice.

i’ve gotten one scarf done outta the two i’ve gotta do for my “ding” (ding is what my dad called it today, cracked me up, i think it’s gonna stick)…
74 days to go for me… yikes…

best wishes (and now i gotta go check out your shrug)! :heart:

I hope they will like it… and it will be wrapped and packed in paper bags, tie with ribbon on the handle with a small “Thank You” Card!


Great job! I think that’s such a thoughtful way to say thank you. Hope you share pics after you gift them! :slight_smile:

Those are wonderful! What nice gifts!