FO for DH (Finally)

How many of you have had this conversation?
AA: Would you like a sweater?
DH: I don’t wear sweaters.
AA: (:??) Well, how about a nice hat?
DH: No thanks.
AA: A scarf?
DH: No, that’s ok, I’ve got this one my mom got me at JC Penny 12 years go.

So, what do you do if you take up knitting and your husband isn’t interested in wearing anything you might make? If you’re me, you pout a little and keep knitting.

Well, the other day I was taking a break from my big sweater project, so I cast on for a dragonfly washcloth using a ball of Bernat Handicrafters Cotton I got for next to nothing at Michael’s.

I got about three rows in and DH pipes up, “Watcha makin’?”
“A washcloth.”
“For me?”

Actually, I’d been thinking of giving it to DM, she’s got a soft spot for dragonflies and multicolored yarn, but what’s a woman to do? He finallly wanted something I was making! So, here’s his cloth:

You can’t see the pattern too well because the yarn’s so dark, but it’s all for him! I’m thrilled, he’s happy, all is well!

My husband doesn’t want knitted things either. I think our converstation is almost identical to yours! But I’ve made oodles of dish cloths and he could care less. He is slightly intrigued by socks, should I ever learn to make them, as he likes wool socks, not to thick, not too thin. But I have to learn to make them still!

Nice dish cloth too.

Your DH is too cute! I’m glad he liked the cloth and maybe, eventually, he’ll let you knit him something else!

I’m so glad you have a camera now!

I love the colors! :smiley:

I had to laugh because that conversation could have been me & my DH too. When he took our girls shopping for Valentine’s day at the LYS, he found a yarn he really likes…but he can’t think of anything for me to knit for him. :rollseyes: A few weeks ago, he finally said, “hmm, maybe it would be all right if you made me a scarf or something.” :happydance:

Oh, me too! DH is already beginning to wonder how many pics of him I’m going to take. He concked out on the couch yesterday and when he woke up he said “You didn’t take any pictures of me, did you?”

Of course not… :—

Cute washcloth! Now he can think of you everytime he takes a shower. Is that romantic or what? :heart:

When I finished my first hat, DH wore it constantly, even in the house, and even though it was a bit scratchy (KP WOTA). He’s a kinda silly that way, though. He started wearing his wedding band before we were married because he just couldn’t wait. He’s sorta sentimental that way.

After I finished my sweater DH said he’d like one, but he’s not really a sweater person either so it had me… :?? That’s a pretty cloth!

That is too funny! We have had the same conversation around here. My son even chimed in :(. I finally found something they both wanted…the Fiber Trends clogs. My DS wears his all the time, and every time I start a new project my DH wants to know if I am working on his slippers.

I’m glad you found something you can make for him, and I like the dragonfly design.

Same exact thing happened with my DH! I can never find anything he wants me to knit for him, but the other night I was working on one of my dishclothes and out of the blue he says he wants a blue dishcloth with a baseball or football on it. :cheering: Yea finally something I can knit for him that he actually really wants!

Very nice! LOL, sounds like we all have similar conversations! Whenever Lonnie asks for anything to be knit for him, I jump right on it, it happens so rarely!