FO: For an owl-loving expectant mother

This is for my daughter’s best friend, a young lady I have called my second daughter for more than 15 years. The baby is due in Nov, and the momma is an aspiring aviary veterinarian. She LOVES owls.

Oh she’s going to love it! Those are beautiful!!

How absolutely adorable is that. They are just beautiful. The baby is ready to go to Hogwarts! :rofl:

Gorgeous work! Those owls are so cute.


What a beautiful set! It’s a perfect gift and so appropriate. Well done!

Those are so darling, unique and certainly an heirloom. Great work.

A lovely feminine take on an owl sweater. :cheering: I love the soft, delicate pink. Right now I’m making a sweater with a bubble gum pink. Not my favorite. Yours is so much nicer. How clever to put owls on the bottom of the sock feet.

Ohhh…I love this!! You do such amazing work, Moni!!

I hate to disappoint, but the color is natural, not pink. I think the dark red background is throwing it off. Thank you all for the compliments!!

Adorable! I’ve always loved all the owl sets, someday I will tackle them too!
Beautifully finished, I’m sure she’ll love it!


Huh. It sure looks pink, but anything is possible with the combination of cameras and computer screens. :slight_smile: Natural is nice too.

Whatever the color, it’s really cute. Is the owl pattern a hard one?

Oh, so cute! Love the owls! :slight_smile: How very thoughtful of you to know what the person will appreciate.

the owl stitch is really just a cable!

You’ve got a right hand/left hand cross, each across four stitches, at the ankles, neck, and top of the head, and I used bobble stitch for the eyes, instead of buttons which I felt were unsafe for a baby (they could fall off and be swallowed.)

Monica, the set is just adorable!! She will love it.

What a stinkin’ clever pattern! Those owls are awesome.