FO: Foliage Hat

Made with this pattern. I probably should’ve used a different yarn or bigger needles, because the leaves don’t look as distinct as the sample shown in the pattern.

THe Sol Degrade is totally more suited for lace, not hats like this :oops:

That really turned out well. I like the color gradations. Nice project!

That’s really pretty.

i think your leaves look great, and i had to add that hat to my pattern stash! :wink:

It looks pretty!

I think part of the reason they aren’t as distinct though is the yarn type and color. The smooth solid yarn makes them stand out more. I still like yours. :slight_smile:

PRETTY! I like how it starts like leaves, and then looks like flowers.
very nice.

I think it’s a lovely hat. I guess you could make it again in a solid color and see if there’s a difference. Just because it doesn’t quite look like the photo on the pattern doesn’t mean it didn’t turn out great.

This is lovely - a great idea to have the gradation of colours. When I first looked at your picture, I just saw two colours, green then blue, but when I looked at it again, this time from the bottom to the top, I could see the colours changing and more colours than the first time I looked.

Well done!


Love this hat! Beautiful job.

Thank you for the compliments, everyone!! :grphug:

It’s really just green and blue, though. There’s juat a lot of variations in greens and blues (as in it’s not just 2 colour gradient). After the blue it fades to green again :smiley: