FO- "FLUIDITY" (circle to square lace project)

Love this…an heirloom for sure! :heart: :heart:

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Not too long since it’s the “newborn” size…if you take out the design time, no more than 7 to 8 days, maybe 20-30 hours. Once you complete 71 rounds, the pattern has easily memorized repeats. Remember in circular knitting that as you knit rounds the size is doubled, increasing the diameter, so it really doesn’t take long. Since the rounds increase, the more sts per round, more time it takes per round. Also, in circular knitting, you are not turning the work so that saves time. The stitch count when I bound off was 544sts per round, usually a 20 to 30 minute run for that many sts.

Did you post where this pattern can be found? I may have overlooked it. Lace and I don’t get along too good, but I’d love to try that! The blanket is absolutely gorgeous!

OOPS! I did not post the pattern location. It can be purchased on RAVELRY

And soon on

Thanks Mary!:muah:

Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful blanket! :heart:

Thats so gr8888888888888 n superbbbb…thnsk for sharing

It’s marvelous:heart: :heart: :heart:

The baby blanket is absolutely stunningly perfect!!!

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It’s beautiful! I have a new little granddaughter coming, and I may have to make this for her. Thanks for posting.

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That is really pretty. I love to see what shapes appear when knitting like this. It gives a kalaiediscope(I know I spelled it wrong) appearance.

That’s fantastic!!!:inlove:

Absolutely Beautiful!!

Oh yes…kinda like a whole new optical way to look at it! And you were very close… “kaleidoscope” Thanks!