FO- "FLUIDITY" (circle to square lace project)

After a rather “dry knitting spell”, finally an FO that ya gotta love! This is knit on DPNs, changed to circular, in the round and becomes square. I used the Norwegian Fir Stitch pattern, modified it to allow for increases and WAH LA!

This 36" newborn blanket is made from Caron Simply Soft in Off White, using size 8(US) needles. Details are on my Ravelry page: Fluidity

It’s beautiful…what is it exactly?

Well, the project is a newborn blanket. Not sure what you mean.
The term, “Fluidity” is defined as:
Pronunciation: \flü-ˈi-də-tē
Function: noun
1 : the quality or state of being fluid
2 : the physical property of a substance that enables it to flow

The pattern was so named due to the fact that the circle flows into a square shape.

Shall we call it a “Squircle” Hey! New geometric name!!! Nope, look what I found:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Squircle is a portmanteau word used to refer to a mathematical shape with properties between those of a square and those of a circle. It is a special case of superellipse.

So then I had to look up “Portmanteau”…a word formed by blending sounds from two or more distinct words and combining their meanings

Oh, I love the center part of the blanket! What a unique pattern. It’s sooooo pretty!

It is beautiful. An heirloom to be sure.

It’s beautiful! Great job!

This isn’t knitting! [I][COLOR=Red][B] THIS IS ART!
What a great work of art! You should be very proud of your blanket!

Such detail, such patience!

I agree!!! This is something that should be treasured for sure!!

You didn’t say what it was and while I thought it was a blanket, I didn’t want to be presumptive. That’s what I get for not clicking the link I guess. That is one gorgeous baby blanket! :inlove:

WOW This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You do such amazing work!

And love it we do! This blanket is absolutely gorgeous!! :inlove:

Squircle? Heh. :teehee: I think I might just have to borrow that word!


Mary, that is fabulous! And I always enjoy learning something new too, so yours was a doubly good post :wink:

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and response…This is one of those projects where you stop on every pattern round and go, “OMG! Look at that!!!” The Norwegian Fir Stitch just blooms and where the increases add at the corners, creates new designs…looking at the corners, a Pagota comes to mind or the figure of a chunky baby…LOL! I had never purled in my lace projects before but it adds a wonderful texture to the surface and the design.

Now THAT is a WOW blanket!!!

Gosh, Mary, that is just gorgeous! :inlove: Lucky baby.


:passedout: drop dead gorgeous.

I appreciate the BEAUTIFUL job you did even more as I struggle with my very first lace project (I don’t count the February Ladies Sweater). That is TRULY amazing.

Absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and cogratulations on a beautiful blanket.
I am curious how long it took to make it?

Beautiful !!!