FO ~ Flower Shaped Washcloth

This was my second knitting project. The pattern is from the book Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick - I’m in love with this book and I’m keeping it as long as I can from the library! :slight_smile: The hot chocolate recipe is wonderful!

I used Bernat baby cotton yarn. I started it on a circular needle, and switced to dpns when it was too small.

I’m posting a work in progress pic because it shows the color better.


Great job! That is really cute.


Very cool! :cheering:




Hmm, got me thinking about hot chocolate though…lol :teehee:

I love the color! Very nice :thumbsup:

cool !!! :happydance: i knitted the same one to my mom…two years ago and she always show it off to whoever visit her… i am glad that she liked it !!! u pick a nice color… my mom’s was a turquoise …striking and bright !

Very nice! That light pink is so pretty.

Neat! That’d make a great gift for someone who lives in a warmer climate and doesn’t need a lot of cold-weather stuff. And how nice they can think about you every time they use it – which (hopefully!) will be everyday (well, maybe except wash days). :cheering: