FO - Flower Basket Tea Cozy

I found this picture on my computer today. This is a tea cozy I made when I first learned to knit, back in 1979. I think it turned out well considering it was only my third FO ever. I still use this tea cozy today although some of the flowers have fallen off now. I guess I really should sew them back on…


How cool is that! I love the flowers, it’s so cheery looking!

That’s so cute!

That’s impressive for just your third project ever!

Oh, how nice! How funny that you found the picture after all this time! :teehee:

Well I had taken the picture a few years ago when I started keeping a photo diary of all my FO’s. Unfortunately most of those pictures were not digital so only a few have made it here or onto Ravelry. I have a whole photo brag book of knitted items, including my very first FO, a sweater for my son who was 2-1/2 at the time in 1979. I wish I had them all scanned so I could add them to Ravelry, but that costs money and right now I’d much rather spend the money on yarn!

That’s a nice looking tea cosy :slight_smile:

Looks great ! I have not seen one knitted like that before. :slight_smile:

It’s wonderful!!! How sweet!

:happydance: very cute!! Thanks for sharing it with us…

Very nice! I like the flowers on top. :slight_smile:

Very nice. I think I have that pattern.

So do I, somewhere. It’s written out by hand on a scrap of paper that still has my old name from my first marriage (which dissolved in 1981) on it so that should tell you how old the pattern is. I think I knit it in 1979.