FO: Flirty Skirt

I knit this for a dear friends 4 year old Daughter. I absolutely love it, it is knit on single ply merino, hand dyed by another friend in a colorway she calls Cherry Blossoms.

How cute! I know the little girl will love it!

That is so cute! I bet she’ll love to twirl in it!

Oh…that is so cute…she is a lucky girl to be receiving such a nice gift!


Ooh!! Cuteness! I was thinking the same thing as Jan re the twirling! Heck, I’d do that now if I had a skirt like that :teehee:

Agreed; it’s a beautiful colorway and an extra twirly skirt. Perfect! Nice job :smiley:

So adorable! I want to be 4 years old so I can put that skirt on and twirl away :inlove:

Thanks everyone she already has it and ADORES it! Her mama said its so hard to peel off of her!


I should really knit one like that for my daughter (who’s 2).

It looks pretty easy but can you confirm the pattern for the less experienced knitters. And I guess you knitted on the round which I would do on straight with a seam at the back.


I didn’t really use a pattern. i had her measurements and did it by my guage, as to how many to cast on, and i put 4 stitch markers on after i did the ribbing. center front, center back, left hip, right hip. I increased before and after every stitch marker, every 10 rows :slight_smile:

That’s adorable!

That’s really cute! I’m looking for a skirt for my niece…you are encouraging me! Chris

That is so pretty. I like the little ruffled edge too.