FO - Fishnet Stockings

Those are stunning! :inlove:

I think you should totally make them in black for yourself. :teehee:

I swtiched the yarn because I wanted this project to be sort of a stash buster. This is a difficult pattern to swatch for though, so be careful choosing your yarn.

Those are so cool! And you did a great job on them! :cheering:


I just started my fishnets and have a question on the toe. I have done the first half of the toe and now need to do the second half and am confused.

Where am I supposed to pick up the stitches from?

I posted in the help forum, but no one has come to my rescue yet. I know I am so impatient!


This is the part that I was confused about also. You fold the toe over, and at EACH edge, you pick up a stitch from edge of the other half of the toe. Just stick your needle through the edge stitch from the half you’ve already done, yarn over and pull it through to both add a stitch and close the toe at the same time.

Does that make sense?

So… I fold the toe over and pick up a stitch on the first row that I knit (on the first half of the toe)?

I feel so dense.


Eeek, whatever I am doing is way wrong. It looks like a part of the toe is inside out or something.


God I am so bad at this kind of thing.

Okay, once you fold over the toe part, you will be working from narrow to wide. So, I think on the knit row only, you stick your needle through to the edge stitch of the finished side (which is behind your current knitting), grab the yarn, pull it through to your current side, then just knit the next stitch as normal. Continue across the row, when you complete the last stitch, stick your needle through the other side, pick up the yarn, pull it through and then turn to the purl side.

As you do this, you close up the toe, so that when you are done, you’ll be ready to switch to knitting in the round.

Boy I hope that makes more sense.

I don’t have the stockings with me, or I would post a picture of what it ends up looking like. If you don’t figure it out before I get home tonight, I will post some pics.

Maybe this will help. I just don’t know why i can’t wrap my brain around it.

So here is what I have so far. Do I pick up the stitch from where I have the arrow drawn or am I totally off?

Thanks again,

Okay, perfect. Yes you pick up the stitch from where the arrow is drawn. It might make it easier to visualize if you put the wrong side of what you have already knit facing you. The narrowest part of what you have already knit will be the part that goes across the tips of your toes. So the part that you have already knit is will be under your toes, and the part you are about to knit will be on top of your toes. The seams that you are creating will be on the right and left of your foot.

Now, it is important to remember, that when you pull the new loop through your knitting, you don’t knit it. You pull through the new loop, then knit the next stitch. The same goes for the other end, pull the new loop through, then turn and purl the next stitch.

In theory I had the directions correct in my mind. Execution of said directions took about what seams like a zillion tries. It is not perfect, but I have a toe now!

I marked for the center back. Is the start of a round on a side seam (which is where the tail of my yarn is) or is the start opposite of the center back?

Thanks for all your help!


Well you see, the increases, are a little bit visible because you just can’t hide them in the pattern every row, so I used the center back and the beginning of my rounds, because that is where you increase.

I hope I was any help at all! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see pics.

Thanks for that tidbit of info, I’ll look out for it. But, is the start of a round directly opposite of the center back?


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