FO first two projects

My first project was a chunky knit scarf with a button fasten. I did it all in garter stitch and t whent a bit wobbly (those magic self generating stitches all of us new knitters now and loathe :shrug: ) but i unravveled and managed to straighten it out.
Then i tried the whisper soft slippers ( which whent surprisingly well. I did them ull in a chunky blue and purple wool which is lovely and warm.

im attempting the watch-cap next my first go at circular needles! and im experimenting with fun yarns at the moment making two scarves, one in black eylash and red whisp, and another in a lovely wool/ribbon twist using elongated stitches which should turn out quite nice.

I hope you’ll post the projects when you’re done. I’m sure they’ll turn out great. Remember: practice makes perfect, or at least, make it better next time. :wink: Do you have the pattern for the chunky knit scarf? That sounds fun to knit.

what color is the watch cap?

watch cap si the name given to a woolen cap liek that worn by army men?