FO..first time cable pattern and dpns

these were quite the experience…by the time I finished I had actually amde two pair(finishing and realizing the size I chose was too big for my daughter-in-law, ripped out and did over, then when I made the second mitten, found a couple mistakes that I just couldn’t leave, so…)

But, I persevered, and they are finished. These are part of a 3 piece set and I made the scarf first and it went surprisingly well.(I’m a new re-taught knitter).

I’ve just started the hat to match, and omg, I’ve decided that I’m destined to start over at least once, :wall: and rip out to a point and begin again, but I WILL finish!!

Those are nice!

great job with reteaching yourself!!! those mittens look awesome.

ooo, they’re lovely!

Those are cute!! I love the yarn! :heart:

Wow those look cozy!

You did a fantastic job. They look great!

Oh, I LOVE those!! Did you make up the pattern? All your work and perseverance paid off-they look really great!! :cheering:

Great job!!


Those are SO nice
I want to get a nice pattern for them with a tight cuff like that


Cute! Good job! :cheering: