FO-First Sweater of the Season

I made this for Lucy over the weekend. Just tried it on some scrap yarn I had laying around. It was super easy and it came out pretty well I think :slight_smile: I love my little model:cheering:

O.M.G. Lucy is the cutest puppy ever! :inlove: That little sweater is so cute and looks great on her!

Thanks so much Jan! She just turned 5 months and weighs 3 lbs. even :slight_smile: Now I know what I can do to de-stash!

Little Lucy is so adorable!

Her sweater fits her perfeclty, you did a great job!
Did you make up the pattern? I love the ruffly edging.
How does she like it?

(I have a Yorkie too, my Tinker is almost 5 yrs old and weighs 5-1/5 pounds.)

She loves it. So far she likes wearing little clothes. It came from a book but it’s very basic.

Sending you a PM

That is so cute!

your yorky is sooo cute. I have one too. I would love the pattern.

Your puppy is adorable and looks so cute in the sweater.

Oh that’s simply adorable!!

So cute, so cute, so cute!..

Kathy, it looks so cute. Is she a teacup? We have a yorkie named Fortune too! We just love him. Nice personality dogs I think. It rarely gets warm enough to wear the sweaters so this is one I bought him a long time ago

She is soooo adorable!

Lucy is so adorable and so is the sweater. She is going to be the best dressed yorkie!!

That is so cute! Give your furbaby a kiss from Lucy :flirt:

Yes, Lucy is considered a teacup I guess. She is 3 lbs. of lovable fun!

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I finally have someone to knit for!:cheering: