FO--First Sweater-Central Park Hoodie!

Here is my first try making a sweater. I’m very pleased with how this looks! The yarn I used was Berroco Palace 50/50 Merino/Silk blend and it was a dream to work with! So beautiful. Pictured is my awesome friend Stacie, who I made the sweater for. Like many others, I hand stitched a zipper into the front.

I made the size 37 for her and it fits her great! She was very excited to receive it and it planning on wearing it on her honeymoon to Alaska!

Happy Stacie!

Back view:

Note: When I was reading the pattern, I misread the order of the middle cable pattern and accidentally reversed them! I didn’t realize it until I was nearly finished with the back, so I left it. I kind of like the change!

Thanks for looking and as always, the inspiration! This board is great.:cheering:

Your firsts are spectacular. Another lovely job on a beautiful sweater. Congrats and many more successful projects!

Oh my goodness! I just love this, and so does your friend, from that smile on her face!

The sweater will be perfect for Alaska. I just got home from cruising there, and the weather was a cool 50 degrees.

Lovely job!!

That is beautiful!! If you don’t tell anyone they’ll never know the cable was reversed. It looks great!

I love that pattern! And I simply cannot believe that it is your first sweater! Your knitting is great. I have been thinking about buying that pattern for some time now, and I think, now, that I must get it!

Your hoodie look great. I made one for my daughter and she loves hers also. Welcome to the Central Park Hoodie Club. :woohoo:

That’s a very pretty sweater and I love the color. Good job.

Wow, you did a really good job on this-excellent work! It looks beautiful on you too. I’ve been wanting to make this for ages but I’m very intimidated by all those cables and the zipper, lol!.. I even have the yarn, sigh…hopefully I’ll get my nerve up eventually!

I love the CPH! You also chose a wonderful color! Yes, I like the zipper in a CPH, too!

Wonderful job and with this as a first project it looks like you have a great future as a knitter. Your friend looks very happy with her sweater and it will be perfect for Alaska.

:cheering: :woot: First sweater?! Beautiful. You’re inspiring.

I like how the ribbing on the bottom just flows into the cable! Just beautiful. Great job!

Wonderful project. I think you did the right thing reversing the cables on one side, I did as well, I think it is more balanced that way. Well done you!!