FO First sweater and a hat

I just finished my first sweater.
I learned a few things, like don’t follow a pattern that says to seam the collar.

The hat is wool and warm.

They both look great. Love the double knit hat.

They look great! :thumbsup:

Awesome! I’m still working on my first sweater. I hope that it comes out just as awesome as yours! Great job!

:yay: They both look great!!

Wow - very nice work!


Great job…I’ve yet to try a sweater - yours looks great and the hat turned out wonderfully too! :hug:

Thanks everyone.

I wish I had started knitting earlier. Now I have a very warm hat that isn’t camo or blaze and cold weather is almost over.

I don’t know if I’d go that far. :slight_smile:
The collar seam is pretty bad inside. I hope yours comes out better.

But being blaze orange I’ll be surprised if it gets worn more than once before the great niece out grows it. Maybe the husband will be allowed to put it on her during hunting season or maybe they’ll dress her up as a hunter for Halloween (I plan on making a matching hat).

I LOVE that hat! The sweater is nice, too! :thumbsup:

Good job. I love the hat.:knitting:

They look great!

Two jobs well done!

They both look great!

Great work!

Very, very nice work. I love your hat. That will be super warm and looks great. Congratulations on your first sweater. You did well.

Nifty hat!

I love the hat !! Looks great :slight_smile:


Great work! Your niece will look cute in the sweater.