FO: First Socks from Silver's Tutorial

Okay, Silver’s sock tutorial rocks! If I can make a pair of socks, anyone can. I made a lot of mistakes, but they are a wearable pair of socks. I originally bought this yarn (J. Knits Superwash Me - Sock) to make a washable shawl for my mom, but discovered that she can no longer figure out how to wear a shawl (alzheimer’s). So I decided to make her some socks instead.

The sizing is okay, but I’m a little disappointed that the 2 x 2 ribbing isn’t more elastic. It doesn’t hug the ankle very well. Would a different yarn be better?

Those turned out really good! Maybe you could go down a needle size for the ribbing next time?

Anyhow, they look great!

those look great!

Those look fabulous! :cheering:

Great socks! And i like the colourway too…:cheering:

I never think to do a roll-down cuff for some reason, I love that part of it. The colours are lovely too. They’ll keep your mom’s toes nice and warm. :hug:

Great work! I have done a few pairs of socks now and i have yet to get the ribbing exactly right. It’s a little loose, or a little tight… I think it comes with practice. At least, I hope so!

Great job!! :balloons:

Congrats on finishing your socks…they look great!!


They are beautiful!! :thumbsup: