FO first sock

Yes I said frist sock not first pair…namely cause I don’t like the yarn (Berroco Sox color 1477) after all and secondly IT WOULD FIT SHREK. I used Silver’s Sock Tutorial and stopped at 2 inches and…well…WAY TO LONG :roflhard:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed][COLOR=Navy]It looks good from where I’m sittin’.[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/SIZE]:thumbsup:

Looks good!

I like the color! Shrek would like that color too. THe sock seems to be ok from what I can tell!

At least you practiced sock construction. They look good to me too!

I’m working on a pair for someone else…and knitting while watching the work cup is dangerous…had to take out the WHOLE heel…well not the flap but the turn and everything:fingerwag:

I’m also double knitting the heel so that it might not wear out to fast…he doesn’t mind me experimenting w/ his socks so I will:knitting: :roflhard:

Looks good for a first time sock. I hope I have your luck when I decide to try to knit a sock.

Looks good for your first attempt at socks! I haven’t taken that plunge yet … but I have a pattern picked out. Now I just have to find the time to knit something for myself instead of for others! :woot:

:woohoo: Silver’s Sock Class ROCKS!!! IT gets you all the way through with pics and VERY detailed instructions. For the next pair I feel comfy trying another pattern that will be more intrusting…

the only part i don’t get is the toe…mine looked funny and i think i had issues w/ the explaination…hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Well, it shore is perty!!! Love the colorway you picked out! Nothing wasted…it was a good learning experience! And you are one sock ahead of me! (sock envy here)

Promise it wasn’t hard…I was terrified that it would be but it wasn’t…promise :slight_smile: With all the stuff you do it would be a cinch I’m sure:yay:

Looks great! The first sock is always an adventure. But, I think it looks wonderful and the colorway is amazing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks fine to me!