FO first sock

hello. i started and finished my first sock yesterday.

it’s a kids size 5 or 6. i measured it against a store bought sock. :teehee:

i had a problem wth the slip and wrap at the heel and i don’t think i did it entirely right the whole way, but i’m happy with it!

the yarn i dyed myself. it was supposed to be striping but i think it was too small to stripe the way i wanted

thanks for looking!

I think it looks great. I love the way you dyed the yarn :yay:

Oh, it’s so pretty! I love the colors – what did you use to dye it?

Looks wonderful…and the colors are really pretty :thumbsup:

Great job :yay: I love the colors of your yarn :heart:

:cheering::cheering: It looks great!

Congratulations hope this is the first of many!!

thannnnnnks! :slight_smile:

i used wiltons icing dyes