FO - First sock DONE!

Well, it took me forever to finish this, but I finally did it, here’s my first sock! I used Regia Patch Antik and size 3mm needles. I’m not sure what I like better on the picture… the sock itself or my boyfriend’s muscly and hairy calf? :thinking: I actually made him take his pants off to take the picture so you could see the SOCK better… :rollseyes:

Now I have to do the OTHER one. Let’s just hope I will be able to finish it before winter! :smiley:

:cheering: I think it looks wonderful (despite the hairy legs!) Get going on that second one!!!

:smiley: Nice looking sock and leg :wink: Great job :thumbsup:

Nice work!

It looks great!

Warning though… once some men get used to how handknit socks fit, they don’t want to go back to storebought, and sometimes they need more socks right when you are busy knitting something (or many other things :wink: )

Of course they become much more understanding about the need to purchase MORE sock yarn, although at times they may wonder why with SO much sock yarn around, they haven’t had new socks for a bit…

Mama Bear

Great job! :thumbsup:

I like that sock! excellent work and great colors. im gonna have to pick up some of that yarn. :XX: :XX: :smiley:

It’s beautiful hun! Congrats on your first sock! I Just finished in first one as well this past week. I still haven’t gotten that chance to start my 2nd one. Hopefullly this weekend! :slight_smile: I love the colors!


Great work and nice stripes. Congrats!

I love the colors of that sock! Very uni-sex colors - anyone could wear it. Good job! You should be proud!

That sock looks fab! :thumbsup: I just wish Ram’s carried that line of Regia. :verysad:

Great sock - I love the colors!

Great sock! I love that colorway! My DH won’t wear striped socks though… has to be solid colors.

Get that second sock going! He’ll be bugging you for it before long!

It looks great and the fit looks perfect!

Great job!! :thumbsup: