FO: First sock done! (ever!)

My first sock is done! I’m so happy! I was knitting like crazy, over the past few days!

The yarn is Sisu Fantasy, in blues and browns (6457). It’s 80% wool and 20% nylon. I used 2.75mm (#2) dpns.

Nice! Did you enjoy your first sock experience? I remember hating mine but, like everything else, it gets easier with time! Your first attempt turned out great!

Nice job!

No, it wasn’t that bad. My 15yo already has several socks under her belt, so I could ask her questions! LOL!

Beautiful! I love the yarn. Looks like a good fit, too.


Nice job, now on the the SECOND SOCK!!!:happydance:

Way to go! Now keep yourself motivated so you can finish the second sock!!:wink:
Thanks for sharing…

It’s lovely - thanks for sharing :slight_smile: … I am currently working on my first sock ever also, so this inspires me :cheering:

yay well done!:muah:

dont forget that socks normally come in pairs … (how dare they!)


It’s a little loose, but not too bad. I cast on 60 stitches. Whenever I make a new pair, I think I will cast on a few less.

:woot: Great job!!

Good job!

Looks good!

congrats :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of sock knitting. Looks great :thumbsup: