FO: First Scarf

Well I just finished my first scarf. I worked on it about a week and I think it looks good for my first one. I plan on making the nexed one Knit 2 Pearl 2.


:clubs:[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

where is the photo?

:smiley: Congrats on finishing your 1st scarf :thumbsup: we love pictures around here :wink:

Congratulations! Now you are likely hooked? :lol: Hope so. Knitting is an awesome habit. :smiley: Have you got a huge stash already? Won’t take long if you don’t. Way to go! Knit on! :XX: samm

Congratulations on finishing your first scarf and all the best on your next one. What color did you make it. Can’t wait to see a pic of it.

I will be posting a Pic very soon. Talk latter.