FO -- first project with my own yarn!

Squee!! I’m so excited. Can you tell??

I just finished a hat with yarn I spun myself, on a spindle! As in, I made yarn, myself, that is actually knittable!! I’m also making a scrunchable scarf to go with it…


I :heart: yarn! :mrgreen:

Wow Julie, that is so cool! The yarn look wonderful and I really like the color.

How cool is that!!! :cheering: It looks so pretty! :inlove:

oooh… pretty…
the yarn is beautiful! I would be bursting with pride :cheering:

Beautiful job, Julie! I love the color and the hat and scarf look great! :cheering:

Wow. That’s really impressive!

Julie, girl, you can do all things knitworthy :notworthy: I LOVE, LOVE that colorway, WTG with the spinning and knitting of your spinning :cheering:

Julie that is just beautiful! :heart:

What pattern did you use for your hat?

It’s beautiful, Julie!! :happydance:

Thanks everyone…it’s so nice that there are people who understand the thrill… :wink:

IP, this is the pattern: Basic Earflap Hat :mrgreen:

Thank you much!

Oooh, your yarn is so pretty!

Your yarn is very pretty. It looks very good. I am super duper doubly amazed impressed.

Wow, very nice!!! :cheering: :cheering:

I’m jealous. My yarn still looks like a sheep got a fur ball and coughed it up :rofl:

You are amazing! I remember meeting you last fall and loving your sweater that you had designed yourself and THEN I learned that you really hadn’t been knitting for very long at all, or at least it seemed that way. You have an incredible natural talent I think. So, here you are spinning your own yarn and knitting up delicious things with it. WOW!!

:heart: kimmie

Absolutely totally beautiful yarn! Fantastic job!!!

Oh Julie! I am in awe! This brought tears to my eyes to see you get this far. Awesome, awesome.

I just wanna smoosh it!! That looks yummy!!! And what a great color!

Way to go! :cheering:

That looks so awesome Julie!!!

That has to feel like quite an accomplishment. I can’t wait to get there myself!