Fo-First pair of socks from KP yarn

Okay, Iam in love with KP’s sock yarn, I love the way it knits and the self striping is so much fun :slight_smile:

Iam already starting on a toe up one, in a pretty green for me.

These are for my daughter. They are a size 4. Used just a hair over one skein. I accidently left to much of a tail of yarn at the beginning or it would have been one skein.

It was fun to knit, the garter stitch heel gives a little more padding, (my daughter because of her narrow foot is prone to blisters from her shoes. These are soft and keep her heels safe. :slight_smile:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: MOST EXCELLENT JOB :cheering: :cheering: Don’t ya just :heart: :inlove: :heart: knitpicks sock yarn, now?! I have a big ole’ box o’ sock yarn…mostly KP, of course :smiley:


IS that dancing? Very cute! :cheering:

Looks like Parade to me, Femi, it’s not Dancing :wink:

:cheering: Great job!!

Nice! Good job! :cheering:

It is Parade.
I can’t wait till after Xmas, I have already reserved gift money as more sock yarn money. I have a whole binder ready to try. I have done one other pair of socks before, and really didn’t like it (but then again it was 10 years ago) now that I feel better about double points they seem effort less.
This pattern was a bit more unusual where the gusset shaping is starting at the heel and tapering upward instead of downward. from the top of the foot.
Hope that made sense…lol

Anyhow off to play some more.

Amy or anyone is there a video on how to do the cast on for a toe up sock.
I understand the instructions but can’t seem to get the stitches to co-operate.

:cheering: Great job on your socks!!

They look great! Yay socks!