FO: (first major FO) Trinity Prayer Shawl

I finally finished it last night (only one day after my goal, which was by the beginning of the school year!) I’ll be gifting it today once it dries :slight_smile: Its my first time blocking, so its not exactly level straight, but being a rectangular shawl, I’m sure it will be fine (if not, and someone can please give some pointers, feel free to comment and I can block it again tonight and gift it tomorrow instead!).

Its made up of garter, stockinette (with cross pattern) and trinity stitches. I made it up as I went along, so I had lots of frogging time :rofl: (made much easier by lifelines though!!) Started with 90 cast on sts and then did the math for the cross parts as I went, same for the trinity stitch.

I have to say, it was hard getting the other end to knit up exactly like the beginning (when to begin the trinity stitch, how many rows of stockinette for the top, middle and bottom portions of the crosses etc). It was knit as a single piece, so matching it up exactly took some time (and more frogging! lol!) I thought that would be the easiest part since I already knew my made up “pattern”…wrong!

Anyway, sorry to ramble… I’m just happy I finally finished my first major project :smiley: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Here’s some pics…

you might want to get a blocking board with a grib on it to help you keep everything straight

other than that… no tips sorry… but it looks great! i remember when you posted this as a work in progress and i am happy to finally see the finished result!

Thanks!! I’ll definitely look into it!

Very nice. I, too, am new to the mysterious world of blocking.

WOW!!! That is really beatiful :cheering:

I just got home from gifting it :slight_smile: She said it was beautiful, and when I explained the trinity stitch she said she loved it, as well as the symbolism.

She also said she appreciated all the hard work that she knows went into it, because she knows how much time and effort it takes to create something like that (she’s been a crocheter for about 20 years).


Isn’t it great when the person you gift loves what you made? The shawl is beautiful!

Great job - congrats! It turned out beautiful! What a wonderful thing to give to someone you care about …

Wonderful that she likes…and APPRECIATES your hard work! It really came out lovely :thumbsup:

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Very pretty…you are an inspiration!

Oh yesss! This is a beauty! And the white on white is so elegant!!

Thank you both :slight_smile: I agree, the white alone (well, actually Ecru… but, anyway…lol) worked out wonderfully. I’m glad I didn’t add in any contrast coloring as I was planning at the start of it.

Its beautiful…dont worry its will be ok

Thank you for sharing the finished shawl. I love this. I actually dreamt about it after seeing the WIP thread.

Oh, it’s beautiful :heart: I’m really glad your hard work was much appreciated!

That is really beautiful and you did a great job designing it as well. Glad that your friend loved it!

Thank you all :smiley: