FO: First KA (Feb) and First Fair Isle Dog Sweater

:muah: I’m just LOVING this forum AND this new addiction. I thought I would try my hand at the Feb. KA (my first one, and do a dog sweater like one I have already made (my first & 2nd ones (Peanut & Ripley modelling) :slight_smile: were posted here). This time I made it in purple for the KA challenge and my first time trying a fair isle pattern.

I learned the Fair Isle here on KH Knitting with 2 colors at a time video, and was amazed at how simple it was! I did have the design finished and had to frog it because the end stitches were too tight, even though I KNEW to keep them lose, I guess it wasn’t loose enough. Since I was frogging, I went ahead and undid a few extra rows and placed the design exactly where it should be.

That is so cute! I love it! I’m sure your dog :heart: it

Excellent job! It’s so pretty! Cute doggie, too! :teehee:

That is sooo cute. Great job at that pretty snowflake motif.

OMG~ Arieurella that is beautiful… What a great job~! I :heart: that pattern for your puppy dog. I am so impressed b/c you have been on these boards for a much shorter period than I and you have already finished~3~ dog sweaters AND fair isle~!! WTG :notworthy: :notworthy:

Thanks all!

Mwedzi, what’s that shizknitter photo of? You a Shih Tzu lover too? :wink:

Aww! I :heart: the sweater! Your puppy is cute, too!

isn’t it supposed to be a play on “shiz-nit” like the gangsta for $#!t ???

Love your work!!! :cheering: