FO first felted project!

i did a booga bag, and doubled the pattern, but my LYS doesnt carry the yarn the pattern called for, so she picked me out something simliar. the colors didnt come out like i liked, but it didnt completely flop. i dont think it came out to the right size though, cus i thought it’d be taller…

I think it looks great!

When you felt it always shrinks more in length than width so that is normal.

You don’t care for the colors? I think they are way groovy. I LOVE your felted bag.

Also, thanks for posted info on how felted projects shrink… good to know for when I try my first one.

I’d wear it everyday!

I like it too. What size did it end up being? Great job on first felting:woot:

DOOD! That is an awesome bag. If you want to unload it…:whistle::whistle::whistle:

I love the colors!! I think it turned out great!

Looks good. I’m working on my first booga. I hope it comes out as well as yours did.