FO: First felted bag

I bought this yarn to make something for my sister – I saw her admiring it in Earthguild. It’s Karaoke soy/wool, and unfortunately they had only 2 skeins. She doesn’t wear scarves, so I dithered over it for a while and decided to make a bag. It occurs to me now there’s a reason there aren’t many felted bag patterns that require only 2 skeins . . . So here it is, my first doll purse. (Maybe I’ll give it to my 7-year-old neice.)

Ok…I just :heart::heart::heart: that color and pattern!!! It looks fabulous! Electric!!

Lovely, if small. It looks large enough for a wallet, keys, and cell phone.

It’s so cute! Well done!:cheering:

It looks great! I really love the colors, and it’s definitely a job well done on the first felted bag :slight_smile:

Superb and almost everyone of us has one of those “doll” purses that we had to find a home for! :lol: It is truly beautiful! Back to square one I guess!

Very nice. I love the colors. felting is too much fun!

Very pretty, love the colors!


Where is the pattern from?

I love it! Very nice colors.

I used the basic pattern for Sophie (, but changed the handle and added a flap from My Little Flapped Bag (

Wow, it may be small but it is beautiful. My first bag is in the machine felting now. It has gone from being the size of grandma skirt to nearly bag size now. At first three skeins of yarn seemed like a lot but it sure can shrink!

HAHA - I think it must be the soy yarns that super shrink when felting…I used Patons SWS (soy/wool) to make a booga bag and it shrunk to the point that it holds a cell phone and keys, but not the new wallet my husband bought me for Christmas !!

When I brought the felted bag up from the laundry my DH boldly asked “when you make that little wallet I thought you were making another bag?” The ER was able to resusitate him :rofling:

Wonderful! I love the smooth corners around the bottom and on the small flap - makes it look very professional!

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Yes, I’ve had that same kind of response from DH!