FO: First felted bag -- finally finished

I felted this bag a while ago, but finally finished the handle, the grommets, and the liner. Whew! I really like it. It’s a cross between a Booga bag with a mitered bottom, using Lion Brand Lion Wool in Autumn Sunset. I had a tough time with the liner, but am happy with how it turned out.

OOoooo purdy :drool: I wish I could sew in liners

Wow! Good work! (What a pretty liner too)

Very pretty.

Nice bright colors and roomy! :yay: :yay: I like it, too! Great Job!

VERY nice job!!! :hug:

:happydance: very pretty! Love the colors

Great job! It’s beautiful! Are you hooked on felting yet? :slight_smile:

I have finished my first Booga bag and it just needs to be lined and grommets for the handles (which I haven’t got as yet)…I hope mine looks as good as yours!

It’s lovely!! Would you share how you do the liner? I have done several felted bags now, but never thought about doing a lining. And where do you get the grommets?

It looks great! I find that making the lining always causes some ‘muttering’… it’s just part of the process. :wink:

I measured the inside of the bag, and made the liner to fit those specs. For the pockets, I added some backing to the satin fabric (next time, I’ll sandwich the backing between two layers of fabric), then sewed one pocket onto the next pocket, then the dual pocket onto the overall liner. Once the liner is complete, it must be sewn (I hand-sewed) into the bag. Because I had already added the grommets, I chose to position the liner below the grommets. I got the grommets at Ace Hardware, though they can also be found at most hobby or craft stores (including the dreaded Walmart). You’ll also need the tooling to go with the grommets and a hammer.

Most of my muttering came from my choice of fabric. Satin is a bear to work with!

Wow, I love it.

Pretty! I have liner envy.

Hello Outdoorrea!
I wish I could attach the handles of my first felted market bag the way you did for your handbag, sliding the cords through eyepieces. How did you proceed? Did you pierce holes in the felted wool? Where did you get the round metal pieces? It would be very useful if you could explain what you did and how you came to that choice.

I bought the 1/2" grommets (gold eyepieces) at Ace Hardware, and they came with the tooling required to install them – all I supplied was the hammer. I poked holes in the finished felted bag, using a large metal knitting needle and a lot of muscle, then attached the grommets. I followed the design of the Booga bag to know where to place the grommets. Threading the handle was easy, but it took some trial and error to figure out how to attach the two ends of the handle. I ended up sewing them together, then wrapping the sewn ends with some leftover yarn that I used on the bag.

i love it!!!


What a beautiful bag!!! :heart: