FO: First ever cable project finally posted

HI All–

I have had this done for a disgustingly long time, but I procrastinated on binding off.:oops: Why, I have no idea. I started it last summer and finished it shortly after the Christmas holidays:blush:

It was my very first cable project, and I am now addicted to cables. I :heart: them!

Here are the picks-- the yarn was knitpicks swish superwash in sunshine.

Thanks for looking.

Very nice! You did a great job.:yay::yay: I love the color too. I’m now working on some socks with cables. They are fun once you get the hang of it.

Ooooo it’s so pretty! I like cables, too. They look so impressive and yet are so easy! :teehee:

Great job! There’s something so visually appealing about the repetitiveness of cables.


Looks great! I need to give cables a try.

Its lovely and the colour is just yummy :slight_smile:

:inlove::cheering: great job! aren’t cables fun? I find that they also break up potential WIP monotony. I love anticipating the next cable row! :eyes::woohoo:

Looks great! I love that nice warm color. It’ll be like a ray of sunshine this winter!

That was my reason for picking yellow! So many scarves are dark colors (maroon, black, brown, forest green) that I decided I wanted something perky and summer-like.


Very pretty I love it.

Great job and i love how the color shows them off…:happydance: